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Connect the dots
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Hire software developers like Infosys

Hire software developers like Infosys

From Silicon Valley to New York, the IT company has defied North America’s tech talent shortage to hire elite software developers at scale.

How they did it

We know that when we turn to Recruitd they will not only show our firm in the best light, they will deliver high quality candidates. Regardless of where our pain points lie, they’ll go above and beyond to deliver results.

Jacob Swiss

Head of Talent Marketing

Jacob Swiss

We built this system on rock and roll

Leo connects the dots in your recruitment process, so you can focus on hiring.

Automate tasks

Spend less time on the boring stuff and double-down on tasks that matter.

Pick up the pace

Implement a collaborative system that hires the right candidates at the right time.

Improve recruitment performance

Effortlessly use your own recruitment data to get better at what you do.

The only rec-tech you’ll ever need

Instead of juggling between 10 platforms that manage your recruitment, why not count on one?

Automate tasks

Social hiring for
in-demand talent

From elite software engineers to high-flying consultants, we know how to find in-demand talent – and how to get them excited about your organisation.

Social Search

Shake up your PSL with a contingent service that doesn’t compromise on volume or quality.


Social Source

Fill your pipeline with a monthly supply of pre-screened and hire-ready candidates.


Social Onsite

Bring Recruitd’s market-proof hiring expertise to your front door.


Social RPO

Build a customised long-term partnership that scales the impact of talent acquisition across your organisation.

Social Search

Your employer brand’s upper hand

Skills gap, what skills gap? Our award-winning employer branding team will bend the laws of attraction in your favour.


What to do, when to do it, how to do it well. From talent personas to EVP definition, we’ll prepare you for battle with a game plan you can rely on.


In-demand talent demands next-level creative. Call on our imagination and passion to become the employer your dream talent can’t wait to work for.


Employer brands are like stories – they should be told and retold. Through events, social media, websites and more, we’ll bang a drum that resonates with the talent you want to hire.


Combining technology and empathy, we make it easy for you to create personalised experiences that attract and convert the right talent – wherever they are.


Power up your hiring

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