You Bring The Power

Infosys, a global leader in tech & consulting, wanted to hire America’s most powerful full stack developers. Traditional agencies were unable to fill the demand – so Infosys turned to Recruitd, asking us to build an end-to-end marketing and hiring campaign.









The Challenge

Infosys face a big challenge in the US, where they are pivoting from a global delivery model to a model of localized hiring. This shift is problematic because of limited prior investment in a US-bespoke employer brand, intense competition for US tech talent, and the tech skills shortage in the region (627,000 US tech jobs are currently unfilled).

The Creative

Extensive social media monitoring informed us that the target demographic interact frequently with isometric designs, empowering messages and a relaxed tone. We incorporated all of these into distinctive role-bespoke creative that could be distributed across multiple digital and real world touchpoints.

The Marketing

In-depth research and strategic consultation resulted in an evergreen digital hiring campaign leveraging a range of carefully selected activations, from a role-bespoke landing page and job pack to Instagram/Facebook adverts and a hacked Github repository.

The Hiring

We owned the hiring process and worked with Infosys teams to deliver an excellent candidate experience that converted into a high volume of hires.

The Events

From a full stack programmer networking event to a ‘fix our social media feeds’ hackathon, we helped Infosys engage developers with topics that both Infosys and its dream candidates cared about.

That was them. What about you?

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